Friday, 25 November 2011

One Litre of Tears

Hi Guys,

It is already nearly midnight... I just want to share that I cannot stop my self from watching this drama again again n again .The drama   is based on a  true story of a girl name Kitou Aya...when I feel depressed, lonely, demotivate..... I will watch this drama...her spirit to live n be a useful person  is really amazed me... She really a HERO...She never ever give up on her day to day life...No matter how hard she have to face all the obstacle in her life..she keep on going n going....

I'm looking of her book. I want to buy it ...but I didn't find it at any book store....huhuhu....I really want this book...

Quotes from her that touch my heart....

"I really don’t want to say things such as ‘I want to go back as how things were before.’ I recognize how I am right now, and I will continue to live on"

Look at her strong fighting the disease until the end of her life..

Psst psst : once  asked what is the purpose of her to live in this world to her mother.... The answer is....your spirit give strength to other people to live in this world...even you have already dead more than 20 years....your spirit is still with us....


  1. Ala ciannye.. Hope die jumpe buku tuuu..

  2. Saye pon ske tgok cite...and ofcozlah...stiap kli tgok sti nanges..haha...abeh tisu 1 kotak....ngeee~~~~

  3. Baru je kunjung blog ni, ternampak entri ni. terus klik dan tetiba rasa sebak, huhu cerita benar paling terkesan pernah ditayangkan. :')