Tuesday, 1 November 2011

ID Card Holder- In Progresss

Hi Guys,

Now, I'm in progress to finish up my several new design for ID Card holder....Hope that I can finish up everything before Aidiladha celebration ( yeyeyeyeye....Balik Kampung...yipeeee....)...

70% complete.....:)

To see the complete product you may go to this link ---> Click here
To anyone who like to order  or any inquiries about this handmade ID Card holder....you may email me at...
mysweetpea165@gmail.com for further info.TQ ( alamak skema tahap gaban punya ayat)

Psst psst : X sabaq nak balik kampung ....lalalalalala


  1. cantik sgt la syg...cepat2 siapkan yer..nk tgk hasilnya :D