Thursday, 22 September 2011

Aktiviti ari Jumaat(waktu Lunch)

Jumaat is the best day ever for me because tomorrow is Saturday which means( cotiiiiiiiiiii hoooooooray....banzaiii!!)
But the lunch time is sooooooooooooo long (2 hours + 45 min)....I'm so boring alone in my room looking at the computer (nak g bilik kawan2 lain dia org semua nak membuta kang mengaco plak kan kan.....ada yg p soppping almaklumla gaji baru masuk......Nak kuar jalan...malas haishhhh...jam jam...buek sakit kaki ja tekan minyak ngan brek kete)

So as for today I have made preparation for my self to ensure that I have something to do which is not related to my office work...:)....lunch time mean you should give a break to your self  to do something else than your daily office work....ngeh ngeh....(dengar kat pengarah kanan aku mampussss....haha) for today... I brought my weapon ( don't misunderstand weapon are pens...hahaha...a pen is mightier than a sword).. The airwick freshner container....which is nearly finish(sayang weh nak buang)

This are some of my weapon!!!

The Victim
Tgh make over

 Psst psst:
Nantikan make over ini.....:D

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