Tuesday, 4 August 2015

OH!!! Ray Ban Wayfarer

Hi Guys,

Hehe... by looking at the tittle…hmmmm…ala ala gaya diva gitu.

Well to be honest, there is nothing to do with diva or what so ever, actually my sunglasses was broken…hikhik….see how monster I am. So because of that, now I really want to look for new sunglasses. Yerla, if I don’t have sunglasses, I cannot become a diva okeh.…..hehe I just kidding ….:P

So yesterday, after i finish my dinner, i start my mission looking for a new sunglasses, i browse here and there, until suddenly I came accross with Ray Ban Wayfarer women sunglasses. Serious guys, when i looked at it, my heart just fall in love with it... like people always say.... cam cinta pandang pertama lah....

Ok..now let me tell you why I choose RayBanWayfarer Women Sunglasses compare to the others.. .. the main reason is because   Ray Ban Wayfarer have various choices of designs and it driving me crazy...….it so nice and trendy and cool and elegance…and….after all ray ban is a very popular brand known all over the world and it never fails to provide the best ever designs of eyewear to their customers.

Basically ray ban wayfarer have 3 types of sunglasses and i wish, i could have all of it...but definitely cannot… cause…my hubby will scold me if I bought all of it...hikhik......:P

Ok, for the first design that capture my eyes is lovely classic black ray ban wayfarer sunglasses...Black is always a color that can make anyone appear sophisticated and poise... and black Ray Ban wayfarers are perfect for the individuals who want that timeless look anywhere they go...evergreen you....hahaha....and more than that...for anyone who have a terrible eye bags like me...(T_T)...this classic black rayban can be a big favor to u...and as for me who have this panda eye problem....these piece is very suit with me.Look at the picture below...nice right??

classic black ray ban 

Second design is brown tinted rayban....well this design is for women who like a natural look...and of course sometime, i also prefer a natural look. This brown tinted rayban has the peekaboo effect which makes it to show off an elegance aura. People who approach you can see your eyes ..but still it allows you to be a tiny bit of mysterious...Beside that, brown colored sunglasses makes you have a faminine soft appearance without having you putting much effort.

Brown tinted ray ban

And the last design that capture my attention is mirrored sunglasses...haaaa if u wear this sunglasses….confirm…diva abis la ko… terus berangan cam artis korea kalau pakai ni. For me…  mirrored sunglasses can give a person that edgy touch which makes you appear stylishly rugged, and I think these pieces is suitable for the ladies who have no idea how to enhance their outfit. Can you just imagine… even u just wear a t-shirt and jeans…than you put this mirrored sungglases….bammm….it can transformed you into a diva….isn’t that great???

mirrored ray ban

So which one should i choose???….hehehe….poning den memikir nieh

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